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Here at Balanc3ed Blends Body Care, we focus on educating you on the health benefits of holistic wellness, benefits of essential oils, nutrition, and practical fitness guidance all while helping you achieve healthy long lasting results.

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Extreme Melt™ is a plant based body cream! It is our handmade signature blend of 13 natural butters & organic essential oils.

Some of the benefits are: balancing hormones, curbing your appetite, boosts your mood, and improves your quality of sleep, just to name a few!

AM is for workout use and cinnamon scented.

PM is for use before bedtime and lavender scented.

Lemon Drop is for workout use and lemon scented.

Extreme Melt™ should be applied directly to your stomach. This is the fastest way for the essential oils to get in your system. You may also apply the creams to your back, hips, thighs, arms, and glutes. For external use only. Do not apply the creams to your face or near eyes.

All of the ingredients in Extreme Melt™ are natural and organic. They lose their potency after 6 months. Extreme Melt™ has a 6 month shelf life.

This depends on your intended use...

The Worker Bee & BHIVE focus on the full abdominal (FUPA) with an aggressive compression-best for all day wear.

The Killer Bee focuses on the bra-roll area, along with the abdominal area and has an aggressive compression-best for cardio workouts.

The Queen Bee focuses on the full abdominal area with a medium compression-best for cardio workouts.

We highly recommend you watch our YouTube video on how to properly measure your waist Click the link to watch the tutorial. How To Measure Your Waist

We hate to hear your trainer does not fit. We do not provide refunds or exchanges for misfitted items.

Use the size chart specific to each waist trainer. Our garments are not sized by clothing sizes.

If you are at the top of the size range go up a size for a more comfortable fit.

Please read our Refund Policy for more information.

Yes, you can wear your waist trainer up to 10 hours a day.

We recommend starting off with 2 hours a day until you reach 10 hours.

Do not sleep in your waist trainers.

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We designed our waist trainers for use by adults 18 years of age or older.

Discontinue use if you experience discomfort or pain.

Please contact your physician before use.

Many of our products may contain latex, so please be aware. If you have latex allergies, we do not recommend the use of our latex products.

For more information please read the about sections of each product.

No, Extreme Melt™ and each of our waist trainers are effective as individual products, however many of our customers prefer to use them together for optimal results.

Never put your garment in the washer.

Hand clean it only.

Visit our Waist Trainer Hygiene page to learn how to clean your garment.

We have a store front with local pick available by appointment only. Please email: support@savvyb.com BEFORE you order.

We are an eCommerce-based company and sell our products only on savvyb.com.

Our inventory is always current and accurate.

We are headquartered in Houston, TX and proudly ship orders worldwide.

Our Customer Support Team is available Monday-Friday from 9am-4:00pm Central Standard Time (CST).

Our customer service team is limited over the weekend, but you are able to still shop online.

We observe all national holidays and support may be limited during these times.

Reach us at support@savvyb.com

You will only be able to track your item once your order has been shipped.

Please allow 2-5 business days processing time before you receive your tracking number via email.

This tracking number will allow you to monitor your package’s whereabouts with USPS.

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You may also create an account and track it via shop app.

Shipping typically takes 2-4 business days after the order has gone through processing.

Please keep in mind that there may still be delays due to the pandemic and USPS shipping logistics.

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At this time, we accept all major credit or debit cards along with PayPal and Apple Pay.

Products are also available for purchase with four easy payments through Shop Pay and AfterPay.

If you attempted to place an order and received an error that the billing address was incorrect or payment declined, this attempt will show on your bank statement as a "pending transaction."

These transactions typically clear within 1-5 business days depending on your bank.

Oh no! Please contact our customer service team via email at support@savvyb.com, so we can quickly resolve this issue for you.

Read our Refund Policy for more information.

Our site allows use for only one discount code per order.

Extreme Melt™ is formulated with organic ingredients, but in order to ensure your safety, we recommend consulting with a qualified healthcare professional BEFORE using our products and engaging in any physical activity.