Waist Trainer Hygiene

How to Clean Your Waist Trainers
A soft washcloth or sponge, dry bath towel, mild shampoo, or body soap. You will also need some warm water in a bowl or use your sink basin. It is strongly recommended not to use detergent, since some contain dyes, alcohol, bleach or fragrances and all of these could damage your waist trainer.
Add the mild shampoo or body soap to the water. Dip the soft washcloth or sponge in the warm water and lather it up. Wet the washcloth or sponge a little to soften it up further before using it on the waist trainer. After that, soap it up and rub gently on your waist trainer.
Most of our waist trainers are made of latex, please be gentle to prevent damaging the fabric. Latex is a very strong material, but when cleaning your waist trainer, it can be easily damaged, so please wash it carefully. Wipe every visible surface of the trainer while periodically dipping the cloth in the soapy water. After you determine it is clean, rinse the washcloth or sponge in clean water and wipe down your waist trainer thoroughly so that there is no soapy residue on it.
After rinsing everything off, blot the waist trainer with a dry bath towel, and hang the waist trainer up to dry. Do not wring it! Simply drip dry it on the line, preferably in a well-ventilated area not in direct sunlight. The garment should be dry before you wear it again. If the waist trainer is not dry to the touch, then it is not dry enough to wear it yet.
It is not necessary to clean your waist trainer every time after wearing it, you can use the trainer a couple of times between laundry cycles, but it is necessary to clean the garment regularly so they keep their compression, smell clean, and maintain its shape. These guidelines will help you keep your waist trainer durable and fresh.