I empower busy millennial women to regain control of their health through fitness, holistic wellness, and community.
Savvy B

Hey! I'm Savvy B, a busy millennial woman, like you who used to struggle to lose weight. I knew I was on an extremely dangerous weight loss journey when I developed kidney stones from taking every shortcut known to Wo(man). I took diet pills, tried keto, cut out carbs, you name it! I had to change my mindset before I started seeing healthy results and becoming more confident when I looked in the mirror. I created a holistic health and wellness brand dedicated to empowering women, like you, to be more confident when you look in the mirror too! My Extreme Melt™ Wellness Program focuses on educating you on the health benefits of holistic wellness, proper nutrition, and guiding you on practical exercises. I've mentored over 2000 women and now I'm ready to be your wellness mentor!