My Story



Hey there, let me pull up a chair and share a piece of my story with you. Picture this: my world turned upside down after losing my rock, my guiding light, my mom. In the midst of heartache, I found comfort in the arms of food. You know, tubs of ice cream, bags of chips - they were my makeshift therapists. But over two years, those choices put more than just a dent in my confidence. I looked at my reflection one day and thought, "Who the heck is this staring back at me?"

The tipping point came when I was bent over the steering wheel, rushing to the ER. Crazy, right? Turns out, I had taken a wild shortcut on a mission to lose weight and found myself driving to the very place my mom had left this world. Talk about a wake-up call in neon lights! Passed out and broken, I realized there had to be a healthier, saner way to shed those extra pounds. That's when my holistic journey kicked into gear.

Now, let's dive into the exciting part! Armed with a background in chemistry and a dash of determination, I conjured up a potion you're gonna love - Extreme Melt™. This plant-based, essential oil-infused workout cream isn't just your ordinary gym buddy. It's a powerhouse that doesn't just help you shed inches and toxins through sweat (yeah, that's a cool bonus), but it's also got your back when it comes to skin hydration, hormone balance, appetite control, mood uplift, and even sleep quality! Who knew one cream could be your ultimate squad goals?

Hey,  I'm the name behind the magic - Savvy B. Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner, and the brain (and heart) behind Extreme Melt™. But hold up, there's more in my wellness treasure chest, my balanced baddies. Ever heard of the Balanced Baddie™ 12 Week Wellness Coaching Program? It's not just a mouthful; it's a transformative journey that flips the script on wellness. Think holistic goodness, real-deal nutrition, and exercises that don't feel like rocket science. Over 5000 women, just like you, have joined me on this ride of transformation and hormone harmony, and now, I'm giving you the golden ticket.

So, here's the scoop: if you're ready to shake off the inches, sweat out the stress, find that hormone sweet spot, and light up from within, then guess what? You and I are about to be the dream team. Let's make that sparkle happen! Become a Certified Balanced Baddie™ today!


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