Waist Trainers vs. Corsets

Whats the difference between waist trainers and corsets?

Whether you are a fitness nut like me here at Savvy B™ or tapping into your journey for the first time, there is a good chance you’ve heard how amazing waist trainers are at some point or another. After all, tons of big-name celebrities and professionals have both directly and indirectly answered the longing question of ‘do waist trainers work’, and constantly vouch for them all across the fitness world (myself included) for their evident support towards smashing fitness goals. In short, these powerhouse assets are able to promote that desired hourglass figure, shed pounds, and improve posture with its flexible compression. Pretty awesome, right?


But here’s the zinger.


As likely as you have heard about waist trainers, there is an equally good chance you have also heard of corsets as well. Because both clearly have the same objective to contour your abdomen area, you may be slightly confused on what the actual difference is - or which one is better for that matter. Now, because the line between the two is a blurry one, below you’ll find a Savvy B™ breakdown of the core differences, all in an effort to help guide you towards making the ideal choice that aligns with your goals.  

The Material and Design Differences 

For starters, waist trainers and corsets are made up of different materials and feature different designs. A corset is usually constructed using either cotton, satin or leather, along with steel boning and a lace-up back. On the other hand, waist trainers like here at Savvy B™️ are made with synthetic material like latex, have a secure closure front, and offer intensely flexible compression instead of cinching like a corset does. Because of these construction differences, it equates to them being used to surface different waist training outcomes. 

For instance, a corset typically can reduce a waistline by 3 to 6 inches temporarily, whereas a waist trainer averages around 1 to 3 inches, which can become permanent with long-term use. That is because a corset was designed to constrict the waist specifically to reveal an hourglass shape, whereas a waist trainer compresses the entire torso for better long-term results. 

How to Wear Them

In general, both waist trainers and corsets can be worn under clothing to support a leaner look. Keep in mind that some corsets might be too bulky to conceal secretly, and the same goes for waist trainers. But since corsets are more variety-rich, many people like to use waist trainers for working out and for regular everyday use and whipping out a more seamless looking corset for those "special occasions." 

With that being said, do waist trainers work in any other setting? How about corsets? The answer is yes, as both can be worn as outerwear as well. Corsets in and of themselves are a known fashion statement, and waist trainers are a hot aesthetic (and purposeful) addition to enhance a fitness wardrobe. 

Comfort Levels During Workouts

Alright, let's talk comfort for a moment. As great as a corset can be, this attire is not exactly the most comfortable and easy to move around in due to those flexible metal rods used to hold its structure. Sure, you can wear one to support your waist training mission at the gym, but it may not be the most smooth or nimble experience you'll have. That is where waist trainers shine because they are much more torso balanced, use flexible compression instead of clinching, and were developed to be highly breathable to be comfortable all day and while working out. Overall, corsets are fantastic for improving waist slimness and making you look bomb for a night out, but stick with a waist trainer if you want to support your active lifestyle, obtain noticeable transformations, and be comfortable doing it.   

Summary – Which One Is Better?

So, Savvy B™ waist trainers or a corset – which is better? Though I would love to be totally biased here and say waist trainers all the way, the truth is that both are wonderful assets. Each offers unique waist training advantages, and wearing either one can unearth some pretty dynamite results. Tack on the boosted levels of confidence and better posture as well, and you've got the perfect recipe to unlock your best self by going with either. 

All in all, do waist trainers work? Corsets? They sure do, but the success you gain from going with either one strictly relies on what your goals are in the first place. Do you want an hourglass figure under a dress? Consider throwing on a corset. Are you seeking a vetted fitness aid that will enable you to amplify your workouts and receive faster outcomes? Go with a waist trainer, hands down. In the end, as long as you know the differences, understand what you’re aiming to achieve, and do what’s best for you, then you can be confident that your decision will be the right one.

Psst! Remember, who said you can’t have both? 

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