SavvyB™ Gift Card

SavvyB™ Gift Card

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Savvy B™️ Gift Card Terms & Conditions

  • Your use of this gift card constitutes acceptance of these terms:
  • This card may be applied toward any merchandise purchase made at Savvy B™️. Use for services or subscriptions are not allowed. It is not exchangeable for cash nor will be replaced if lost or stolen. This gift card is non-refundable and cannot be returned. Your gift card will expire after two years of use or non-use.

Why choose us?

Reason One

 We've taken out the guess work in getting you from flab to fit on your terms. Life comes at you fast, so we're here to keep you on track and healthy!

Reason Two

You want results. We want to give them to you. We have found that the best way to get the body you desire naturally is with up front research on plant based ingredients known to heal you from the inside out.

Message From CEO

Thank you for choosing us to help you achieve your weight loss goals. I personally understand that losing weight is much easier said than done. Trust me then trust the process. Simple Methods, Savvy Fitness, Savvy B™!

Extreme Melt™

Our Sweat Intensifier Cream, Extreme Melt™ is a fitness game changer! It is our proprietary handmade, 13 essential oil blend that takes you from flab to fit. Extreme Melt™, sets us apart from anyone else in the industry because our ingredients are organic and natural. We're most proud of this product as it has helped over 2000 people!