VIP Extreme Melt™ Wellness Program

VIP Extreme Melt™ Wellness Program

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Transform Your Body, Mind, & Spirit with the Extreme Melt™ Wellness Private Coaching Program

In this 1:1, 12 week program you will get:

  • 12-90 Minute LIVE Group Wellness Coaching Sessions
  • Guidance on how to effectively workout with out a gym
  • Guidance on nutrition for FAT LOSS
  • Guidance on how to grocery shop for FAT LOSS
  • Extreme MeltDetox Smoothie Recipes & More

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How many times have you started a health journey and stopped? How many times have you lost motivation? How many fad diets have you tried? Does your busy life get in the way? I will show you how to get healthier without sacrificing extra time.

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You could lose 4 inches off your waist line, improve your internal health, increase your gym confidence, and still eat your favorite foods! I have found the formula to balance your health to life ratio. Let me help you unlock your new healthy lifestyle.

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Millennial Woman

Like you, I know first hand that losing weight is hard. That's why I spent 10 years researching, developing, and building a wellness brand that will empower you to reach your goals!

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You are on a journey to find your best self. As you become healthier, happier, and more confident; it is only natural that you would want a community of other amazing women to lean on for support. Watch your emails for an invitation to join my Exclusive Extreme Melt by Savvy B Facebook Group.