Baddest Bee Weight Loss Challenge

Baddest Bee Weight Loss Challenge

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It’s a new month and time to crush new goals!

I want to give you $250! Oh, but you gotta earn it! 

The person with the best transformation by August 31st will receive $250!!!

Here are the rules:
✅You must be following @savvybofficial @imsavvyb
✅You must be on our email list 
✅You must send $20 for entry (you work harder for something you paid for)
✅You must submit before and after pictures to hashtag #extrememelt
✅You will get a FREE workout calendar and routine!


Bonus: You will get a link for Zoom a day before so Savvy B can answer all your questions before the challenge! It will not be recorded. 


The last day to enter is Friday, August 6th, 2021!

The contest will start on Sunday, August 8th, 2021! 


Good Luck! Submit your $20 entry fee at the button below!

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