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You need an editor. [tl;dr: scroll down for editing services]

Really, you do. I do. We all do. That second set of eyes is invaluable, catching the little things that we simply don’t see once our own eyes are crossing and weary of the project at hand.

Many times, we need even more than a simple proofread. We need someone to take a step back with us, look at the bigger picture, and offer a fresh perspective.

I’d say a good editor is your partner in crime, helping you keep moving toward your highest potential. But really, a good editor is simply whatever you need to move forward at all! If you simply need a proofread, or if you need someone to hold your hand and walk through it with you every step of the way, it doesn’t matter.

I slipped into editing very quickly in my freelancing career, when my contracted employer needed some editing done. I didn’t think about it – they needed it, so I jumped in and helped them out. We needed to move forward, and proofreading was holding us up. Later, we needed a complete editing system, quality control department, and team of editors. That became my “baby.” Before I knew it, my background had grown to 8 years of experience in proofreading, copy editing, quality control, management, project development and management, big picture planning, one on one client work, books, short pieces, ghostwriting, and consultation.

It seems I am a good editor.

Wherever you are in your project, if you need a hand (or a push) moving forward, reach out. Let’s see if it’s a good fit. I’d love to help you reach the finish line.

editing rates and services



  • Development edit and/or consultation – taking a concept and adjusting it to produce an outline, direction, and draft as needed
  • Line editing – poring over an early draft, line by line, to comb for spelling, grammar, syntax, context, and wording changes
  • Copy editing – editing a completed draft to make sure it is ready for publication, including grammar, spelling, and layout
  • Proofreading – clearing a finished work of spelling and grammatical errors only
  • Start to finish book support & proofing – contact for details

Rates vary based on content needs. I follow Editorial Freelance Association rate guidelines (found here, for reference), but note that due to my reliably fast turnaround I can usually come up with a compromise that places my hourly rate in the industry standard while keeping your total bill within budget.

Ask about package deals when paired with Angela England’s 30 Days to Make and Sell a Fabulous eBook course.

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