Downsizing to Make Room for Adventure

This month marks my 10th wedding anniversary. My oldest kiddo just turned 9, and my baby is now a toddler. We’re both making important transitions in our careers, and we’re both oh-so done with the “raising all the babies” phase of life. The times, they are a-changin’…

Downsizing to make room for adventure @SavvyBSirratt

Several years ago, we bought what we thought would be our forever house – the one to take us through childhood and into retirement. We thought we know what we wanted, and we thought we were okay paying on it to make that happen. If we had to pay a mortgage, this was the place to do it.

For most American families, this is perfectly reasonable. Carrying a certain amount of debt or payments is part of life as we know it, and if it creates the life you want, it’s not a burden. It’s just expected.

We’ve got itchy feet, though.

The past several years in this house have taught us a lot about ourselves, our family, and our dreams. To make a long story with many angles short and more narrowly focused, we’d rather live in a smaller house with adventure than a bigger house with debt.

This realization has been a mixed bag of emotions. First, we had to swallow a good bit of pride. Once we got past that initial challenge – letting go of the status and accomplishment – the next hurdle was telling the kids. They really love this house, just like we do, and explaining the bigger concept was intimidating. They caught on quickly, though, and are excited for the next phase in our life together. We’re working on this as a team.

Logistics have been challenging. Erasing years of small sticky hands all over the house is not easy. We don’t have a ton to do, but the busy life of a family of 6 makes it interesting. I’m glad that the kids will see the work that goes into dream chasing and setting up the life you want. The baby, on the other hand, is just going to be a spoiled brat. Ha!

Our realtor has been a dream. When I first called her, she told me that she’s getting more of this lately – downsizing instead of looking for a bigger place. I’m glad we’re not alone in this! It’s not for everyone. There’s no way we could have done any of this even a few years ago when the kids were all smaller and all on top of us. It’s our next jog of the journey, though, and we’re doing what we can to soak in the lessons and little joys of transition.

Adventure awaits…even in limbo!



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