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You don’t have to set out to be a writer to become one. The best definition of a writer is simply one who writes. Likewise, not everyone who needs content is a writer.

Over the past decade, I have found myself writing when others needed content but could not create it themselves. This has taken many forms – from simple 250-word pieces to full websites, from last minute ghost-assignments to filler content in eBooks and non-fiction work. I write, and I’m happy to write when you can’t (or don’t, or won’t).


Create content with Brannan -


Basic content .15/wd, $50 min

Research-supported content .25/wd, $100 min

Book support – TBD. Let’s chat about where you’re stuck – a simple consult or editing support may do the trick!

Prices are listed for ghostwriting work, though I am open to proposals for direct, authored content creation for your brand. Email me with proposals and we’ll see what works best for us both.




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